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If you suffer from an autoimmune disorders symptoms, consider booking a consultation with Certified Holistic Nutritionist Maryam Henein can be of service and help you heal.

“Diet and lifestyle are key.”


Not every problem can be handled via email or live chat. That’s why many people have been getting the help they need from a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to find relief from pain and suffering.

holisti medicine remedies
Now you can book a consultation with world renown Honey Colony co-founder and Health Educator Maryam Henein. Maryam is not a doctor, but a top health and wellness expert as it relates to our environment and food supply.

Maryam Henein is a health mentor that is an expert in holistic medicine remedies that can guide you towards health and wellness.
When you book a consultation with Maryam, you get the opportunity to speak to a wellness authority who actually practices holistic healing remedies. While big pharma merely masks your symptoms with toxic drugs, Maryam looks at how all areas of your life are affecting your body.

What you will get:

  • Maryam Henein is an experienced investigative journalist who knows what questions to ask to get a clear understanding of what your ailments are
  • She will suggest holistic healing remedies, supplements, tests, books and will get you where you need to be.
  • 45 minutes of undivided attention

holistic medicine remedies

Firsthand knowledge from a supportive mentor

In 2002, Maryam was in a near-fatal SUV accident that changed her life. It caused severe damage to her body, but nothing could break her willpower and determination. She suffered great pain but did not give up on her work. Nothing could drain energy from her thrilled soul.

This painful experience ignited her interest in alternative healing and Nutrition Science. During her studies she became closer to the environment, with increased awareness about it.

The inspiration she got from her tough time is reflected well in the work that she did for Robert Greenwald and The Sierra Club on Exxon Valdez Oil spill. That’s when she began to take interest in honey bees and now it is her favorite hobby to keep bees. She loves to be called as ‘Queen Bee in Training’

“Food is truly thy medicine.”

Maryam is also the co-founder of HoneyColony. Her interest in the plight of honeybees has led her to discoveries applicable to human health and well-being. For example, pesticides that have decimated millions of honey bee colonies worldwide are also responsible for compromised immune systems in humans that manifest in an assortment of illnesses.

As a health educator, she will motivate you to cultivate positive health choices, while educating and supporting you to achieve your goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.


In addition to being an authoritative advocate for the environment, Maryam Henein is also a renowned investigative journalist, a skilled producer, and enthusiastic entrepreneur. Her career history of the past 15 years showcase her matchless skills and capabilities.
Maryam Henein gained popularity and fame as the Director of Vanishing of the Bees, an amazing award-winning documentary that investigates why honeybees have been mysteriously disappearing across the planet, literally vanishing from their hives.

holistic medicine remedies
She has done some amazing shows for several popular channels. Some of her career accomplishments include programs for various well-recognized names. She has worked for Discovery, Robert Greenwald, Morgan Spurlock and BBC. Her high standards and perfectionist nature have made her work distinctive from the others and she is known well for delivering top-quality programs.

She has also worked as a co-writer and also showed her unrivaled capabilities as a host in a program for TLC, which was about Ark of Covenant. Her achievements are not only limited to these. She has proved herself to be an excellent and impressive writer and her articles have been published in many reputed publications including Maxim, Los Angeles Times, Penthouse, and Science &Spirit; magazine.

She has combined her unmatched reporting skills with her rising interest in nutrition and love of social media and transformed it into a remarkable model that’s functioning is quite similar to the working of a real beehive.
Maryam believes that nothing can go wrong if you are determined. Her near-death experience made her stronger than before and after that, she has become an unstoppable and more passionate career woman. She considers herself her best health-advocate and she believes that everyone should think like that and take better care of their health.

In addition to her love for bees, her other hobbies include dancing and yoga, both of which are perfect for maintaining health and fitness along with an active lifestyle. Maryam invites you to let her teach you the secret ingredients of her health.



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